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Reeach Agency

Meet your new partner in crime for all tasks and strategies related to social branding & creator marketing. But that’s about as “criminal” as it gets. Full transparency, honesty and a genuine dedication to your business is at the heart of everything we do. Actually, it’s the reason we founded Reeach Agency.

We do creator marketing that facilitates reach. Reaching the right audience. Reaching out for new, unleashed potential. Reaching your goals. We live and breathe social branding and create beautiful synergies between creativity and the KPIs and results that run your business.

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Luiza Søby

Founder & CEO

The rock, heart and soul of Reeach. Meet Luiza, who shares a mutual, genuine interest in your business. Behind the cute smile and bubbly giggles is an experienced professional gifted with the talent of securing the perfect fit between brands, creators and consumers. 

Sara Funch

Head of Social Branding & creator marketing
Sara is the beacon lighting the way to outstanding quality in any project or campaign she shines upon. With her structured approach and ingenious mind, she facilitates successful partnerships – and always with a genuine joy and positivity. 

Brand fit is king. Content is queen.

With this mantra in mind, we carefully handpick the perfect creators for each campaign providing you with the content that lights up on social media and boosts your performance – all while keeping your brand identity intact.

From one-time flings to long-term relationships. From brand awareness to performance-based, sales-focused campaigns. From cool events to academy training. Your wish is our command. 

Michella Børlum

Paid Partnership & Creative Content Lead
Michella is our go-to girl for any client that requires the ability to combine creative talent with hardcore business results. Always going that extra mile allows her to sprint past the finish line and still bring her kind, emphatic personality into everything she does. 
means buying into people, not creators. No boring list of influencers, but passionate people with the power to move minds and hearts.

are taken into consideration for every handpicked creator. We take your brand and our job very seriously and handle all partnerships meticulously.

different, renowned agencies all over Europe – and we buy big. Our outstanding of relationships with influencer marketing agencies result in favorable prices for your campaign.

happy creators. All creators are treated with fairness and respect, and we pay them for all jobs they do – content creation is a job like any other.

Anne Lundkvist

Social Branding & Creator Marketing Lead
Anne’s ability to instantly spot and turn TikTok trends into outstanding campaigns is what makes her a preferred advisor to our clients. With her great energy and humorous approach, she balances the collaborations with creators perfectly and with continuous success.

Angelika Liptak

Content creator & Campaign coodinator
Ciao content queen! Angelika stays on top of trending content and knows how to transform it into engaging reels and TikTok videos. Her creative excellence is a vital tool in reaching performance goals, always delivered with a compassionate interest and attitude. 

Christina Iwersen

Campaign Coordinator
Finding that sweet spot where creativity and coordination turn into magic is what Christina does best. She’s the team player everyone wants for her admirable professionalism, commitment and ability to spot consumer trends before they go viral.